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Daughter at Bedside

Broken-Hearts for Everyone


A true story of my mother and daughter (me) experiencing a medical trauma that took us on a wild ride through the hospital system in 2019.

Waiting to be discharged after outpatient shoulder surgery

 and in a heartbeat, we were faced with


"Stress Cardiomyopathy

 "Broken Heart Syndrome"

 to signify a few names for her diagnosis that left her struggling for life. 

Decided to document my time with my mother as it transpired because right away I knew something was different from other hospital visits with my parents. It was during the time we spent in the trenches together in the hospital fighting for her life that I realized we were alone and I could not leave her side or she would pass in the night, as we were alone.

We made it, and now that my mother is home working to recover from the devastating turn of events, I, still being with her as her caretaker, decided this medical case was noteworthy. I have the time since I am currently caring for my parents at our family home in Texas gathering the thought process to write it all out has taken time because I didn't want to be presumptive so I had to read and compare my notes to the medical records that were provided to me after three attempts to gain access. 

  I was there every second and I remember significant moments because not only did I nearly lose a parent in front of my eyes but because of that I was mentally traumatized by the care I witnessed and how to process it and still trust doctors, nurses, and hospitals in general

It is resounding loudly in my mind still today and refuses to be quieted so I will do what I always do when I am in that position in life. I will write about it. 

 I am here to document my experience with my mother and share an ardent story that I will continue to tell as long as it continues to affect my family and as of today, we have survived and continue to thrive with the love we have for family and duty to the ones you love the most. I am Paige Keaton and this is my story.





CHI St. Joseph's Hospital

Checking in for an outpatient overnight procedure to replace her arthritic shoulder and bring a better quality of life.

CHI St. Joseph's Health

We were both so tired that night having not slept much the night before due to me worrying about this procedure and the recovery ahead. Little did I know we would not go home that next morning.


Staff waiting outside of the room after they removed me during CODE BLUE


Walked in a snapped picture of mom while she was crashing. She is hanging on for dear life fully grasping the side rail and aware that she is about to die.


Flash Pulmonary Edema and Takotsubo after Narcan in Post-Op


Moving from room 286 to ICU on September 4 at 12:00 pm




Went back to clean out the room after being taken to ICU


Arriving in ICU amid Code Blue


Family was beginning to arrive having heard the news of her CODE BLUE




Pacing and worrying throughout the seemingly empty facility.


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