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Listed in medical records as being involved in this

medical case. 



Made the hasty decision to order Narcan for my mother in post-op because she was a "HARD WAKE" 

and then did not document properly changing the course of her life forever.

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MD Cardiology

He was the most honest, concerned and knowledgable of all doctors involved. His initial conversation after her catheter, I recorded and it told us all we needed to know on day three.


MD Internal Medicine

Patel Riteshkumar

She was the initial Dr. to ask me about my mothers' heart overnight before she had an event. We were there for shoulder surgery, not the heart.


MD Cardiology

Lane Miller

I never came in contact with this Dr. but he signed off on her medical records a lot.  I would love to see his notes. Call me. 979-203-5588

Daily dose of vitamins

MD  Internal Medicine

Salim N. Maredia 

I have several conversations recorded with this man and his true concern was for the hospital and not my mom the patient. He admitted the Narcan caused the problems we were having.

Vasculature of the Heart

Chmielewski Zbigniew MD


Code Blue he was the first on. Fully aware of my mothers' medical condition and the attempt by hospital to cover it up.

More to come

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