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Certified Gaslighter in Chief Medical Officer-Video #Cdiff #CHIStJosephsHealth #Healthcare #CDC

Updated: Jun 3, 2021



Finally received a response from the hospital in regards to my mothers' treatment and care while in the CHI St. Joseph's Health hospital in September of 2019.

My complaint was not addressed properly and in fact, as I'm reading over the letter they sent to be their final decision, I see they didn't do the homework necessary to get to the bottom of it.

I watched my mother over the course of 7 tragic days become infected by your staff and then you ignored it and would not test but sprayed the room down with an M9 odor eliminator. You gave her C.diff, covered it up, and then transferred her to another CHI St. Joseph's owned facility without notifying them of her condition to the point of hiding her symptoms. For 3 days my mother had a roommate and was allowed in the public physical therapy areas among the elderly population. Finally, she was diagnosed and treatment began approximately 6 days after showing obvious signs of the infection. I wonder how many people have come down with this infection at your hospital?


I am still reading this letter but I have posted it above in a photo gallery for everyone to read. Tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary of her experience at CHI St. Joseph's Health

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