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Connecting the Dots Corporate Greed to HealthCare in America #commonspirit #CHIStJosephs #Healthcare

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

After pouring over the pages, videos, articles, social sites, I have time for another rant regarding the treatment my mother received in 2019 while in the hospital owned by Common Spirit. I have compiled links and otherwise here today that I feel continue to show the lows our hospital system will go in attempts at avoiding doing the right thing.

I am in your algorithm! It was tough and took time but week after week she has begun to rise in the ranks. Especially now that you have abandoned your sites due to this. Way to go St. Joseph's that is bravery at its best. Abandon ship! This picture of my mother is from the first day we were there when she was rolled out from post-op into her room with lies and deception already piling up. If I knew then what I know now there is no way in the world I would have let her stay there. She needed a real hospital after the mistakes they made and the next day told the whole story about what happened to her body.


Common Spirit Health owns CHI St. Joseph's Health which purchased the little dump hospital in College Station, Texas that my mother was admitted to on September 3, 2019, for outpatient surgery to replace her shoulder. In fact, the local news did a story on the hospital at the same time because they were changing signs the day my mother and I arrived. I remember this because as my mom was being taken back to surgery and I went to get my things from the care I had to cross under construction area tape and they were putting the sign in place so I asked if it was okay to the guy working. He said I was fine and I carried on. Here is the link to the article. I was probably in the background of the shot. Timing. Life is funny.

Across the nation, review after review are signs of major cutbacks and corporate greed taking hold and hurting the people that need care.


St. Joseph's hospitals were experiencing strikes in 2019 from staff demanding safe work environment and better pay.

After spending time looking at the reviews from all over the nation I see that this is something they purposefully implemented in order to take in hundreds if millions in profit.

They cover their malpractice and work together in meetings to make sure they cover it up well enough to throw off the interests of lawyers.

This has happened for long enough and now that we are in the middle of a pandemic I am afraid for the overworked staff that could not keep up prior to this. I see Commonspirit has bought a problem child of a hospital system when they took over St. Joseph's.

I continue to advocate for my mother and will not stop until justice is served for the criminal behavior I experience at the hands of the Common Spirit. I continue to reach out for someone to actually choose to speak to me like an adult that isn't confused but so far I have been ignored. We have time. I will keep making videos each week for updates about my progress in the fight against you putting profits before people. This is not getting better and as you know today sitting at home not allowed to leave that we have time DJ.

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